The Naked Truth: The Journey from Within

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Try again later. Get the Stitcher App Take your podcasts on-the-go! Download The Free App. Get the Stitcher App Send a link to your phone to take your podcasts on the go. We Sent You a Link Did you get it? Retry Close. Start Free Trial. Show Info. She seems to portray all of the men in this book fairly, even generously, but there's no sugarcoating the fact that nearly all of them behave badly, from the ones who ghost her, to the ones who somehow just happened to forget to mention their girlfriends or wives! Men just don't come off well here, sorry to say. Here's hoping Leslie Morgan will eventually write a sequel that can put a more positive spin on modern romance, for all of our sakes.

I'll be up for it. View all 7 comments. May 20, Leslie Lehr rated it it was amazing. Brave and beautiful! As the editor of Mommy Wars, she guided me through my breakout essay and later admitted she could see my divorce looming between the lines. Turns out, I was suffering from a kind of domestic violence that related to her bestselling memoir and call to arms, Crazy Love.

So, when I started reading The Naked Truth, we had so much in common - things that most women going through Brave and beautiful! So, when I started reading The Naked Truth, we had so much in common - things that most women going through a divorce will relate to - that I felt I was reading part of my own diary. But while I may have loved feeling like a sex object in those liberating post-divorce days, Morgan acted on it. And we, dear readers, get to live it with her. Morgan is so brave and so open that we are able to experience the depth of her emotions and the height of her transformation.

Perhaps more importantly, we are able to recognize the relationships that outlast any romance: the ones we have with our friends. View 2 comments. Jan 31, Cindy rated it it was ok. In fairness to the author, I was born and raised at a time when sexuality was a private, and monogamous way of life. I get that she is recently divorced after decades of marriage to a a man who was emotionally and sexually repressive.

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I get that she was looking for adventure, and her own self esteem and approval. Jul 25, Katie Janowicz rated it it was amazing. I had not heard of it but it was in the new books section at our tiny Hampshire library. I devoured this memoir and loved every bit. It was definitely vivid with details on the post divorce adventures she went on but I so appreciate the vulnerability she put onto these pages and the hopeful message she ended with.

I am definitely going to read her first memoir, Crazy Love, in the near future. Jun 16, Mediaman rated it did not like it Shelves: memoir , historical-fiction , sex , sexuality. How this woman is considered an expert at anything I don't know--she seems completely immoral, has an annoying writing style, certainly isn't a good mother or wife based on what she wrote here, and is what one would call a classic B-word.

But she got paid to write an entire book complaining about the five men she bedded after getting a divorce at age She's a complete hypocrite throughout, doing the very things she objects that men do including complaining about one of the men who bedded her How this woman is considered an expert at anything I don't know--she seems completely immoral, has an annoying writing style, certainly isn't a good mother or wife based on what she wrote here, and is what one would call a classic B-word.

She's a complete hypocrite throughout, doing the very things she objects that men do including complaining about one of the men who bedded her still being married, while SHE was also still legally married! Instead of looking at herself as being the problem she blame-shifts to the men--but as a man reading this it was clear from the beginning that she had no idea what she was talking about.

This woman was a very wild, promiscuous teen that went through a first marriage that she claims was abusive and a second marriage where she thinks her husband was cheating. She also is very well-off financially, with a second home in the Hamptons.

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She still manages to portray herself as a penniless victim. She's not, and this written work is her creating a false image of herself. I don't believe anything she writes based on the first page of the book--where she tells us "important characters have been omitted Why didn't she just write exactly what happened instead of omitting major characters, combining others, changing timelines, and not telling the truth?

Was she trying to sell Hollywood on a movie idea, because that's what it feels like when you roll your eyes reading what sounds very false in spots. This isn't a memoir. This is erotic fiction. And even at that Leslie Morgan is not good. The sex scenes are short and she only seems to be concerned about how went she gets. I get that she is trying to elicit the empathy of the female reader--and many supposedly liberated women will find her endearing. In truth she causes her own problems, sets the women's movement back 60 years, is totally clueless about men, doesn't seem good at raising moral children, doesn't understand what abuse really is, and can't see how her own over-the-top flirting was sending messages she was then shocked to discover were being misinterpreted.

What would have make this book readable would be a male perspective on what she was doing wrong viritually page by page , and pretty much everything she does from start to finish is wrong from a male viewpoint.

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For a woman who claims to be highly educated and a well-published writer, she is incredibly dumb. It's great insight into how people in media think of themselves as alluring and smart, when in truth they don't understand the mating game at all. She even brags at one point about sexually harassing a male co-worker. What if a man wrote that way? At the end she offers a page or two of what she learned from her slutty experiences almost all anti-male of course but she still doesn't seem to get men. She comes across as disgusting for a middle-aged woman who wants to have it all but isn't willing to look at herself first as the source of all her problems.

And the irony, of course, is that she tells us up front that there is very little truth in a book titled "The Naked Truth. View 1 comment. I'm still trying to gather my thoughts about this book. It was an interesting read and very fun at times to live vicariously through Leslie's five flings one serious "relationship" if you can call it that , but something about this book made me uncomfortable and it's not about the sex. I was kind of surprised at her lack of awareness about men and her unhealthy reaction to male attention, both good and bad.

Also, unless I missed it, I was puzzled that she didn't discuss safe sex - using condoms I'm still trying to gather my thoughts about this book. Also, unless I missed it, I was puzzled that she didn't discuss safe sex - using condoms and getting tested for STDs. It just seemed a little irresponsible. On the whole, though, a solid memoir. Sep 06, Alli added it. Threw this book across the bed more than a couple times in absolute terror of its both pinpoint accuracy and thematic personal relevancy. Impeccable writing elevates the dirty bits, standard excellence from a fellow Crimson alum. Jan 07, Kayo rated it really liked it.

Honest and a bit cringe-worthy, this is quite a read. Well done. Thanks to author,publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. While I got the book for free,it had no bearing on the rating I gave it. Feb 05, M. Sarki rated it it was ok Shelves: abandoned. Not my cup of tea even though I do love salacious sex and storied infidelities.

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The book was in many ways too juvenile, especially for a trained writer and experienced woman such as Leslie Morgan. The writing was actually not good at all I am sorry to say and I abandoned the book before the halfway mark. Apr 22, Robin rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-drc , memoir-autobio , may , pub. I'm not sure how I feel about this book except fascinated, frustrated, and a little annoyed.

More to come. Thanks to the publisher for the advanced digital reading copy. Jul 15, Karen LeBlanc rated it it was amazing. What are you willing to settle for in life and love? What risks are you willing to take to find a relationship that feeds your soul and your body? Leslie Morgan in her memoir, The Naked Truth, explores these questions with raw and graphic honesty, candy-coating nothing while leaving every detail of her sexual awakening available to the reader. I admire Morgan for her bravery at exposing the most intimate details of her sexual experiment to find five lovers in the year after her divorce.

Her language is raw, vulgar and yet precisely the right word choice for each situation, thought and truism she writes about. When we meet the author, she has settled for what passes on the surface as an ideal marriage. Most of all, I wanted Marty to. She reveals that to cope; she masturbates during the late mornings while her husband is at work and the kids at school. After Marty asks for a divorce, the author confronts her blunted sexuality and embarks on a quest to have sex with five men. She confronts hard truths about the age and gender bias that seems to have brainwashed the sisterhood.

She is searching for men who inspire her lust and make her feel good about herself. As a successful writer, Morgan can pay her own mortgage, health insurance and live life by her own rules. The Naked Truth explores questions of why and how we choose a partner. Some marry for lust and passion; others choose partners for safety and reliability. Unfortunately in real life, there is no universal and infallible list of qualifications to guide our choice in a partner.

You can do anything one step at a time.

We figure love out in our own way, on our own time, making mistakes along the way. The Naked Truth reveals an essential fact about love and sex: Until we understand how we want and need to be loved, finding fulfilling love and romance remains elusive. My wish is that her newfound wisdom leads to her to a lover and soulmate. Leslie Morgan is also the author of Crazy Love, a memoir about her abusive first marriage and is an in-demand speaker on domestic abuse topics. Jun 04, Vivian Stevenson rated it liked it Shelves: memoir , non-fiction , arc , netgalley.

This is obviously the author telling people about a chunk of her life. I am rating this based on how well she was able to tell the story. I'm sure there are a lot of people who didn't agree with what she did and that is okay. I think what she did was fine, but sleeping with men that aren't single is where I had a problem. She clearly didn't know some of them had other affairs but that is beside the point. They even had two kids together! People thought our life together was absolutely perfect.

The first seven years or so were full of more downs than ups, more bad than good, more sickness than health. Seven out of eleven years were anything but easy. During those dark and fearful days, we struggled for a myriad of reasons. These days, we often find ourselves reflecting on the grace and kindness of God.

We sit on the back patio together, grateful for the extraordinary ordinariness of our lives. We have a whole marriage because we have done the hard work of each becoming a whole person. No way. Not a chance. But let me tell you a little story…. One Saturday last year, we took the kids to an indoor trampoline park a couple of towns over. I got a little carried away and hit my wife in the face with a dodgeball sorry, babe , but otherwise, it was terrific.

The laughter, the squeals, the running and falling down, the rock wall… yes, I conquered the friggin rock wall.

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The same is true for your marriage. When you strip away all the unrealistic expectations and stop trying to compete with your neighbors, siblings, and co-workers, and just start showing up for each other, everything changes. Just put your phone down and look them in the eyes when they are telling you about their day.

People crave time and togetherness. We were created for relationship. When we slow down, look people in the eyes, and acknowledge their humanity, we communicate this truth to them: you are valuable to me. To do this successfully, I have to clear a plot for the people and things that matter. I have been there before.

The Naked Truth...: The Journey from within

Whether you want to be a better spouse, or just a better human, it starts with showing up. No magic potion will promise you a pain-free marriage or a perfect life. Both require at least two things: hard work and loads of compassion. So brush away distractions, shut out negative opinions and unrealistic expectations, and do what it takes to make it last. Order yours here. Read the Noteworthy in Wellness newsletter. Sign in.

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Get started. Steve Austin Follow. Say What? Marriage for the Rest of Us People talk about feeling butterflies when their significant other walks in the room, but after a decade together, the honeymoon is over. I was a pastor when I nearly died by suicide. These days, I live to help others heal.