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Together, we must address human rights, social justice, the wealth divide, gender equity, access, poverty and preservation of our Mother Earth and her precious resources. We can no longer work only with the like-minded, but must reach across aisles and continents to structure solutions with diverse groups of fellow human beings from all walks of life.

Social Venture Circle is actively working to lead the way into the Next Economy alongside many partners, organizations, networks and communities. We do this by connecting and equipping social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and capacity-builders to create a healthy ecosystem that will support and create fertile ground for socially-responsible businesses to grow.

At SVC, we are actively working to redirect the flow of capital not only to protect our Earth, but to help give more opportunities to leaders of diverse backgrounds to create businesses that will in turn, nourish their communities. As a result, we can work towards a more equitable economy. MSC will develop these tools and maps guided by these questions: What are the tools that need to be created or adjusted to support social, racial and economic justice leaders and organizations in transitioning to a Next Economy within their work? What type of technical assistance and capacity building is needed to assist others towards a transition to a Next Economy?

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  • What new forms of capital or financial mechanisms and instruments need to be created to support Next Economy economic models? What leaders and organizations are at the forefront of exploring and testing new ideas and models towards a just transition?

    When is the next economic recession in the cards?

    Restore Oakland is designed to co-locate restorative economic programs and incubate cooperative food enterprises alongside restorative justice healing circles and programs in East Oakland as an equitable development and community stabilization project. This work involves identifying existing initiatives that can be leveraged as exemplar models of equitable development, researching and codifying indicators of vulnerability to displacement and successes in community resilience, and lifting up the organizing and policy advocacy strategies to secure perpetually affordable housing and local jobs for long-time residents.

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