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They shot up in Canada, but summer came too early for them, so they ran out of snow and they had to wrap their filming. They had horses in the scene and everything — it was just going be impossible. That was unfortunate, but the benefit of that in the long run was that producer then came back to me for a helicopter scene in Mission: Impossible — Fallout.

They open up so much more to you and you see so many more amazing things. I lived there for nine months and have that sort of relationship with people across the country. You get to know people so much better, because you represent something very unique to them. It was one of those big old commercials where they want it to look multinational, so we had to re-create Iraq, Bosnia and somewhere else for what was a photojournalist in the commercial.

We shot the Iraq scenes at this black sand quarry in the middle of nowhere. This guy looked after us, and a year later I got a call from his wife. But the one thing he really loved and never stopped talking about was that TV commercial that you shot in his mine.

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I just wanted to let you know that that was really special. There is never one direct path. Locations is a very small network of people. It takes time to understand how to do that and for them to be able to trust your ability. But, yeah, study landscape photography and put yourself out there. Jump into it and see what happens.

Meet the Lord Of The Rings location scout who might just have the best job in the world

The Oscars were proof that Mexico is one of the best filmmaking countries in the world. The reason for the existence of a commercial space rarely has anything to do with our industry and it can often be an uphill battle to convince a commercial property owner that our shoot can peacefully coexist with the students, businesses, shoppers, and other real users of the property. In my experience, a commercial space can be the most difficult to find and secure because there are a significant amount of people and entities who must approve things for a shoot to happen.

In the modern era of the internet, there is a tendency for clients, agency creatives, photographers, directors, and producers to use the internet to generate creative ideas and perhaps have initial conversations about the possible location directions their project might take. The most important factors involved in location selection are its appearance, availability, accessibility, and cost, both in time and money. These factors are in no particular order—a beautiful location in a designated wilderness area will never be anything but an awesome non-commercial image on the internet.

It exists, but is always unavailable legally, at least! The fact is that all four essential factors or at least 3. Here are a few real-life examples of what not to do, and then how I avoid these pitfalls and keep my clients happy and legally protected. In this case, the locations cost too much time and money and time IS money in terms of travel days not being budgeted for the crew.

My solution in this case was to substitute a local city park with some red rock for the Sedona location and a lake outside of Phoenix for Lake Powell. Not quite, but the project was a small fashion shoot and the photographer shot with a long lens and a blown-out background anyway. Sounds good, right? Productions who want to film in the city must go through FilmLA , which is affiliated with the city government.

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Before being awarded a permit, FilmLA surveys residents and business owners to find out if there are any objections to the filming taking place [ PDF ]. If there are serious concerns, they won't grant a permit. Duval says she got into the field thinking she was going to travel a lot, but quickly realized how local the job is. Scouts in New York are limited to a mile radius from Manhattan, which includes parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.

More specifically, it's 30 miles from Columbus Circle as the crow flies. Some location scouts with big studios, however, such as Balton, are sent to check out faraway locations. But that's not always as glamorous as it sounds. On a good many films, I virtually travel the world, and then the budget reality hits and we end up on a stage in Georgia.

The Location Scout

Everyday hobbies take on new meaning when you're a location scout. Sometimes, it turns out to be a location she already knows, but one the production designer dressed up to look totally unrecognizable. This often happens with period pieces; for The Greatest Showman , the crew turned a little science center in Prospect Park into a s-era hospital. When scouts go out to eat at a cool restaurant, they grab a business card to reference later. Every year, people around the world board up windows, stock up on essential supplies, and flee their own homes in anticipation of severe weather events.

But for storm chasers, tumultuous weather is an invitation to move toward the danger. Some endure precarious conditions during hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms in order to take readings that might later prove useful to meteorologists. There's no shortage of opportunities for storm chasers.

The U. Hurricanes are fueled by heat from oceans and threaten coastal regions with heavy rain and wind.

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Each is dangerous, devastating—and, in the eyes of storm chasers, beautiful. To better understand what motivates these individuals to seek out cataclysmic events, Mental Floss spoke to three extreme weather specialists. With just 13 hurricanes hitting the continental U. As a result, hurricane hunters are a small subgroup of the storm chaser demographic.

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  6. Why do they do it? While he still pursues that rush, Morgerman's chief objective is to measure air pressure and log observational data that can assist meteorologists in analyzing storms.

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    Chasers can also measure factors like humidity, wind speed, and temperature. Unlike tornadoes, which have a very clear visual identity as they spin in a cone shape over land, hurricanes just look like a fierce concentration of weather. As fierce weather rages in the area known as the eyewall, the eye, or center, inside is peaceful.

    Morgerman says that jarring contrast is a little like an acid trip. Hurricane Michael, the building I was in was shaking. The windows were breaking. Everything just turns white. You just see flying wreckage. The sky is blue For many chasers, the movie was a milestone, prompting a lot of people to get into the field themselves. There are a lot of things the movie got right. There was one exception.

    The damage associated with these storms. The movie underplayed the destruction and death. The life of any storm chaser is supposed to be thrilling, and it is—for a few minutes or hours at a time. He might be in a hurricane for hours; a tornado might touch down for just a few minutes. Johnson also says he spends much of his time traveling.

    All three died. According to Montana-based storm chaser and National Weather Service meteorologist Cory Mottice , experienced chasers know to fear traffic more than the weather. But as the storm is getting closer, people are worrying and start panicking. Johnson agrees, adding that injury from storms can often take a back seat to traffic accidents. The quickest way is a straight line. You can see where it is and you can avoid it. Driving is a completely different story. Driving in pursuit of a tornado requires a little more than simple guts and a willingness to get close to a massively powerful weather event.

    Chasers need their version of a Batmobile. According to Johnson, professionals usually opt for an armored truck to help insulate them from the destructive power of the storm. The steel roll cage adds weight. Tornados can pick up combiners.