The Ascendant Stars (Humanitys Fire, Book 3)

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And they are near to unleashing their cohorts - a cyborg army of twisted machine intelligences imprisoned beneath Darien in the deepest layers of hyperspace.

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Darien is the front line in a clash between destruction, oppression and liberty, with machines and sentients on both sides. But will the outcome be freedom, or the subversion of all life itself?

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  • The revelations in this title though A lot of the "big twists" turned out to be less shocking and more "Oh, right so that's why I wasn't put off by that - I actually found it quite refreshing and relief-giving So very predictable bits - in all three books, if I am to be quite fair - but nothing that really spoiled the plot. I was intrigued by some of the amazing characters that popped up here and there, and in particular why the Roug played such a minor role, considering the big revelation about them Darien's future hangs in the balance as conflict rages across the planet's surface and, in the skies above, interstellar power politics has turned to war.

    On one side lies the Construct AI and its millennia-long mission to protect sentient species. On the other is an army of twisted machine intelligences and its allies, whose goal is nothing less than the destruction or subversion of all organic life. They were caged in a hyperspace prison beneath Darien in a past age but now they are roaring to the surface, to freedom and an orgy of destruction which will rend the planets - starting with Darien.

    Their allies circle above Darien and their armies are rising from below as an ancient battle is about to recommence.

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    Machine vs human. Life or the sterile dusts of space. Ancestral Machines: A Humanity's Fire novel. His previous works have included the Shadowkings trilogy a dark and grim fantasy epic , Iron Mosaic a collection of short stories but he is best known for his epic space opera series - Humanity's Fire.

    The Ascendant Stars (Humanity's Fire, #3) by Michael Cobley

    Splintered Suns is a stand alone adventure set in this universe. Michael Cobley's Official Website. Michael Cobley. Back News Back Fandom Risingshadow.

    Michael Cobley

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