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He detailed the expanding applications for the next generationsof high resolution imaging — a far cry from spysat technologies first utilizedin the s. Scott pointed to trends incommercial satellite remote sensing: better resolution, increased accuracy,more bandwidth, and greater coverage of the Earth - in far-shorter time fromclick to customer. The ubiquity of satellite remotesensing in our daily lives, Scott said, is moving quickly, mimicking use of electricityand the Internet.

While NASA celebrates 50 years ofprogress this year, Watzin said there's need for public dialogue to cast thecivilian space agenda in more necessary and relevant terms. NASA faces avulnerable state of paralysis, he suggested, striving to send humans to Marswhile dealing with tight budgets, issues of mission affordability andrisk-taking. Watzin signaled that NASA needs todo the most exciting and compelling things that the country's best andbrightest people can possibly conceive of.

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NASA needs to be allowed by allstakeholders to take more risk and have much more payoff. Still, "there's heavy relianceon very sparse data," Viereck noted, with the customer base for spaceweather data growing.

Scientists Have Found Some Strange Object In Space

Viereck said there are diverseimpacts of space weather on today's technology, from communications,navigation, and spacecraft operations to aviation, as well electric powergrids. There is a beginning ability tocomputer model in three-dimensions the complex nature of space weather, Vierecksaid. The coupling of various space weather models is in the offing, he added.

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