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The prototype was equipped with a. Curtiss had therefore time to improve the aircraft and exchanged the engine for a Wright XR of horsepower and gave the renewed machine the designation Curtiss 75D, while the first prototype was designated as Curtiss 75B.

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Unfortunately Seversky won the competition. These performed very well, so in an order for examples, designated as PA followed. France was already interested in the type before the PA entered in production. France received over aircraft. The Curtiss Hawks were ordered in September because of the threat of war.

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From May , the aircraft were rapidly delivered to the Dutch East Indies. A follow-up order of 24 examples was not honoured by the U. At Andir was the "1e jacht afdeling", the first figther group, was formed.

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At the end of November there were probably 12 Hawks stationed at Maospati, Java. At the time of the attack there were probably about fifteen Hawks operational. During February the remaining Hawks were withdrawn from operational use, because of the unreliable engines.

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    Today Yesterday This week This month Total Visitor Info IP: Curtiss 75A: demonstration aircraft, which was equipped with different engines. The Hawk 75 was developed into the Hawk 81, or P, which was initially created by changing the radial engine of a P to an Allison V In hindsight, Curtiss might have been better off designing a more advanced, cleaner airplane around this engine to remain within the front ranks of fighter manufacturers.

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    Four Hawk 75 aircraft have survived. Two are on static display in the U. At least one other machine is under restoration. The first PA built for the U.

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    Donated to the collection in , it was displayed for many years in lurid gray, yellow and green camouflage typical of war game exercises carried out before World War II. Simplified and fitted with a fixed landing gear, this export model of the Hawk was supplied to Thailand. This PC survived World War II but was kept under wraps until it made a stunning post-restoration debut at the Chino airshow in California, where it was rebuilt and registerd N80FR for testing purposes.