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Women who were looking to paint their pouts in powerful purples and persuasive pinks. Women who took the time to add makeup artistry as an accessory. I was immersed in hundreds of shades of red lipstick. I was lost in mattes and glosses. I tried on an orange, then a wine, then a violet, then a beautiful dark blue with gold sparkles, of course. I started to learn what lipsticks looked good with what eye makeup, and how to properly contour my cheek bones and a thank you to Josh.

In fact, the U. People like their cosmetics, but very often we forget that on the other side of makeup artistry, there is an original, blank canvas. How has learning advanced makeup techniques changed your life? Makeup techniques have definitely changed my mindset and how I view people. A lot goes into learning advanced techniques, and a lot has to be repeated and practiced so it becomes a habit. That has helped me in the learning process of advanced artistry.

It has also made me a lot more confident when it comes to my abilities.

Making someone look and feel amazing. It makes them feel wonderful, and you feel wonderful as well.

Lipshtick Macsai Gwen

How has makeup made people around you feel confident? Makeup has the power to cover physical imperfections. If you have a scar, a blemish, a dark spot that is making you self-conscious, you can cover it and boost your confidence. I definitely notice people become more confident when they master a technique applying their own makeup. It boosts confidence, and can make you the centre of attention. First, exfoliate the lips using a lip scrub, or even a tooth brush! To get rid of any dead skin cells on the lips, just gently buff the scrub on the lips and wipe off the excess.

Lipsticks stay on a lot longer on well hydrated lips. Apply a red lip liner around your natural lip line.

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Also, fill in the lips with the lip liner to give the lipstick something to stick to when you apply. Apply your favourite shade of red lipstick overtop of the lip liner you just put on. For extra precision, use a lip brush. To define the lips even more, outline your lips with concealer using a small flat brush.

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It is gonna give the lip line extra crispness. Having the knowledge about different skin tones, skin-types, and eye shapes allow for optimal confidence boosting in makeup artistry. I love how applying makeup gives me that little bit of a creative boost every morning. How has makeup made people around you more confident? My saviour. A hysterical send-up of everyday life and love with lots of heart, Lipshtick is a quick fix, a good schmooze, a heartfelt sob or two.

It will take you on a trip through things universal to all pairs of X chromosomes worth their salt: for coping with social dances in junior high where the sexes meet like a hormonal high noon to the joys of plucking out your chin hair like evil weeds; from the natural order of a girl's fantasies like sweets that don't make you fat, spending that doesn't break the bank, a beautiful nap in the middle of a long day to why flings with bad boys are the ultimate in dating pleasure finding the right boy to lust after is a lifelong struggle--eventually you grow to be picky about who rejects you ; from getting married His best quality?

He was like family. His worst quality? Gwen Macsai cover it all--with a shtick twist. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll thank God you're not her. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 11, AC rated it it was amazing.

I'm not much of a reader but I had to pick this up at the library after reading a few sentences out of a few chapters. You have to figure that when the random things you come across while flipping through a book are all funny, how great must it be if you read the whole thing?! I'm not sure who the intended audience for this rant was because it's about girls and their girlfriends going from one end of single life to the other with a husband and kids and everything in between , but she sticks out I'm not much of a reader but I had to pick this up at the library after reading a few sentences out of a few chapters.

I'm not sure who the intended audience for this rant was because it's about girls and their girlfriends going from one end of single life to the other with a husband and kids and everything in between , but she sticks out that "looky here" finger at the fellas a few times to tell them what's what. At times I found myself feeling like I wanted to see these scenarios with her friends unfold in some half-hour comedy show- they were so funny.

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  • It's worth the read just for the way she words things. Her writing style flows nicely. The only thing I found a little too overdone were the Jewishisms like 'maybe, schmaybe' 'nonsense, schmonsense' And when she describes things, she always gives 3 adjectives, examples, whatevers Jun 10, Rebecca rated it it was ok. I was waffling between two and three stars.

    See a Problem?

    Then I scroll-over-learned that "two stars" indicates "it was okay. There were some choice moments and some not so great ones like when she basically reduces the cause of misogyny to the fact that penises are so fun to play with that men can't help but love themselves. Also the indicting chapter about women who don't have female friends was sufficiently painful. Well, it's like watching all the fun they're having-- jumping bad guys and killing everything in the mine except that, as the reader, your the once initiating the movement and somehow also the battered-bad guys.

    But mines not. The best passage from the book: I hear a story the other day that exemplifies this perfectly-- everything there is to know about girls and girlfriends inone telling anecdote.

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    It involves a man who was coaching his eight-year-old daughter's Little League team. His team was in the field when the batter hit a ground ball and it went right to the shortstop. She scooped it up, beaming with pride at her accomplishment. Then she promptly threw it the the center field After the game, the group went out for ice cream, and the coach did the unisex politically correct thing: He congratulated them all on playing so well, told them how great they were, and talked a lot about teamwork and how important it is.

    Then he pulled the shortstop aside and said, "That was a great pickup you made on that grounder, you did a terrific job, but I now that YOU know that the ball should have been thrown to the first baseman.


    So tell me, how come you threw it to the center fielder? The shortstop just looked at him incredulously and said, "She's my best friend. Jul 16, Michele rated it really liked it. Some of her essays really remind me -- for better or worse -- of my own life especially the chapter about flings and bad boys - but other parts as well. What I might like best about it is Gwen's voice -- although at times brassy and extreme to the point of stereotypical in her analysis of certain situations -- often comes through as that friend who is immediately sympathetic to your each and every romantic trouble, including those that might be equally of our own making.

    Some very funny parts. The beige suit as the piece of her husband's clothing that absolutely enrages her cracked me up while making me realize for the umpteenth time how perhaps unusually lucky I am that Josh is a good dresser-- among many other things! Oct 05, Steph rated it really liked it.